Our Mission

Jewish Education Program (JEP) Rockland provides Jews with the opportunity to find meaning and relevance in Jewish tradition and Jewish life. We make ourselves available through a vibrant Hebrew School, adult classes, and overall, as a “synagogue without walls” by providing rabbinic services and guidance to all Jews of all ages and stages, regardless of their affiliation. Founded by Rabbi Yehuda Schwab ob”m, JEP Rockland has impacted the lives of thousands of Jews since 1979.

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Our Founder


r-schwabRabbi Yehuda Schwab ob”m
Rabbi Yehuda Schwab was a person of noble qualities. He was sensitive towards others, he was a true leader, and most of all, he had genuine love and appreciation for every person.
At a relatively young age, Rabbi Schwab poured all his energies into establishing the Jewish Education Program of Rockland County: a multi-faceted resource center where Jews from all backgrounds would feel welcomed to learn, experience, understand, and appreciate what it means to be Jewish. He was the heart of the organization, a fount of knowledge, wisdom, sage counsel, and support. He was someone who was fully devoted to those who sought his guidance.

The JEP Hebrew School was particularly close to his heart and he would spend a great deal of time fostering an everlasting relationship with its parents and students. Working alongside the Hebrew School principal, Mrs. Naomi Greenwald, he made sure that the school environment provided an encouraging blend of information, inspiration, and appreciation for one’s Jewish identity.
From JEP’s inception in 1979, and for the next 35 years – even in his later years as he endured times of difficult, declining health – he oversaw every aspect of JEP’s growth and development with tender loving care, personally and positively influencing and inspiring the lives of thousands along the way. Not only did he make his own dream come true through this labor of love but he made the dreams of many others come true as well.

Although Rabbi Schwab is no longer with us, JEP continues to build upon the firm foundation he established, and it aims to forever reverberate with the generous spirit and compassionate ideals he personified.


Our Educational Director 

PIC2Mrs. Naomi Greenwald
Naomi Greenwald is a masterful principal and educator with over three decades of experience in educating Jewish children and adults. Her dedication to students and their families, her strong leadership and organizational skills, and her innovative programming have ensured the continuous growth of our school. She has created our nationally recognized comprehensive Hebrew School curriculum and special Bar and Bat Mitzvah program which have a meaningful and lasting impact on Bnei Mitzvah.

Mrs. Greenwald is attentive to the needs of each and every student and takes an individualized approach to education. She is passionate about imparting Jewish knowledge, instilling Jewish values and providing spiritual guidance to enrich the whole family. She is always at home with her students be it a Chanukah performance with the kindergarten class, a seventh grade field trip to the Holocaust Museum, leading a JEP Youth Club Shabbaton, the teen Mitzvah Team or a Torah workshop for parents and grandparents. Her weekly Torah newsletter reaches several hundred students and alumni.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Naomi attended the Bais Yaakov of Baltimore. She studied in Israel where she earned a Teacher’s Diploma in Judaic Studies from the Beth Jacob Teachers Institute of Jerusalem. She graduated with honors from Towson State University in Maryland with a BA in Psychology. Prior to coming to the JEP Bobbi Lewis Hebrew School, Mrs. Greenwald taught pre-school, elementary and middle school students in Baltimore, Maryland and Monsey, New York. She currently lives in Spring Valley with her husband Dovid Greenwald, a risk management analyst for AXA Equitable and a Talmud teacher. They are the proud parents of seven children, four of whom have settled in Israel.