this is a great picture without any specific place to go...Bar and Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvah is a major part of the JEP Hebrew School experience. With teachers who have decades of experience to guide them, the students prepare for the occasion, learning to put on Tefillin, get an Aliyah, read from the Torah, and lead parts of the prayer service.

The Bat Mitzvah program explores with the girls the special Mitzvot for women, studies Jewish women role models, and prepares the girls with a Dvar Torah and the recitation of Maimonides 13 Principles of Faith in Hebrew and English which are the highlight of the Bat Mitzvah celebration.

As part of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah lessons students are guided in preparing their own unique speeches and personal Mitzvah projects which are carried out throughout the year. At each event, beautiful and meaningful gift presentations are made to the Bar and Bat Mitzvah and his/her parents.